Boutique Training Library

Unreleased Training Videos for Boutique Owners


This vault consists of unreleased and hidden video training content for boutique owners. More content will be added over time. This content will be available to you immediately after purchase . Below is a list of some of the videos that will be included in the vault.

  • Webinar - 5 Things Holding You Back in Business & Tips to Improve
  • Creating a Landing Page
  • Mailerlite Tutorial
  • Promotions & Markdown Strategy
  • Studying Your Website Analytics
  • Creating Your First Sales Funnel?
  • SEO for Product Pages
  • The Marketing Process
  • Creating Your Vision
  • Choosing Your Niche
  • FashionGo tips and tricks
  • Fashion Nova facts
  • Setting Sales goals
  • After setting sales goals
  • Marketing
  • Content Creation
  • What problem are you solving
  • What audience are you serving


Your Instructor

Jance Chartae
Jance Chartae

Hey there! I'm Jance Chartae, owner of The Boutique Academy & Brazen Boutique. I help new and aspiring boutique owners launch and grow their boutique businesses.

I am a seasoned retail professional with over a decade of retail management, sales and customer service experience. I've held positions at Saks Fifth Avenue, Michael Kors, The Limited and DKNY, and a host of other retailers. Additionally, I hold a degree in communications and public relations.

During the last year, I've helped over 1,000 women launch their own online boutiques. Through my Youtube channel, which has over 21,000 subscribers, I've created over 70 videos providing helpful tips and advice to start and grow a boutique.

If you're reading this, that means you likely are considering launching a boutique or you have an existing one that you could use some assistance with. Whichever your circumstances, I'd love to work with you. If you have any additional questions, please send an email to [email protected]

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